May 14th, 2014 by miki

Here’s itches that might need more than just a scratch to be satisfied. They will more probably require something like separate projects to be matured and developed.

You’re welcome to snatch these if I’m not getting it done in a time frame that fits your liking  (but be nice and credit me if it catches on ;). And no, I generally don’t think the concept of locking down ideas (read: patents) have been implemented adequately in any existing incarnation.

I’ll highlight every idea’s current state, to give an idea of what you should expect to find here.

Currenctly defined states are:

  1. PROPOSED: this is a proposed idea, that have barely begun manifesting itself in the cortexes of mind.
  2. FORMULATED: some level of thought has been put into it, and an initial set of specifications and/or desired features has been formulated.
  3. DOCUMENTED: all relevant project plans are in place
  4. INCARNATED: this is serious, work has started and project infrastructure is in place.
  5. BUBBLING: stuffs heating, a reasonable state of working code has been achieved for public disclosure.
  6. CANDIDATE: something worthy of public scrutiny has been achieved
  7. RELEASED: done and documented

PROPOSED: Gedit “follow file” plugin

I think it would add to the GNOME text editor‘s usefulness if it had a “gedit-tail-f” or maybe “gedit-follow-file” plugin that would add functionality to open a file and continuously update it’s buffer with new contents as it is appended to the file. This would be a GUI-pendant t the functionality of  the belowed command line “tail –follow” (better known as “tail -f”), used extensively by sysadmins and developers for following especially log files on running systems.

PROPOSED: Slot machine reel based clock

Make a real time clock using 6+ reels with some funny numbers as symbols (maybe kids can do some using Hama beads?) . Needs a piece of hardware to control stepper motors in real time, BBB might be adequate. I can probably source reels hardware from my former workplace.

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